Handmade Jewelry

Elena Braccini Jewelry is a young brand that creates, manufactures and customizes, carefully made by hand, in a historic goldsmith shop in the center of Florence.  Write us, tell us your wishes and we will make the jewel of your dreams.

Our jewels are mostly of Sacred Art, we have collected medals taken from different sanctuaries around the world.

You can choose the medal of your Saint to whom you are devoted, the Virgin to whom you are most linked by heart.



Madonna Miracolosa Rue du Bac

Madonna dei Nodi

Madonna del Buon Consiglio

Madonna di Guadalupe

Madonna di Fatima

Madonna di Loreto



Arcangelo San Michele

San Pio

San Giovanni Paolo II

Santa Rita



Sacra Famiglia

Albero della Vita

**For other medals, write us!

Elena Braccini Jewelry is a jewelry brand founded by the Florentine and entrepreneur Elena Braccini in 2016. Elena has successfully completed a master’s degree at the Sacred Art School in Florence, specializing in goldsmithing, for which she was lucky enough to have the best Florentine goldsmith masters as teachers, with whom she currently collaborates, making her jewels in a goldsmith’s shop located in the historic center of Florence.

“My creations are made entirely by hand. The medals of the “Virgin” come from different sanctuaries around the world, and are then worked in such a way that they can last over time, despite being worn every day”.

Discover more about the Sacred Art School in Florence in this video.