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Earrings Ex Voto


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    In order to use the warranty, you will have to report any defects found in the jewels by contacting us via phone or mail within and no later than 2 months from the purchase.

    Excluded from this warranty are all damages due to carelessness, accident, improperuse or any repairs, alterations and/or modifications not authorized by ELENA BRACCINI JEWELRY.

    We certify that this jewel is made of 925 silver produced and packaged in Italy. Our production is to be considered a sign of uniqueness.

    To keep your jewel in best conditions and in order to preserve the brightness, its recommended to avoid direct contact with heat, lotions, perfumes or sweat.

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the EX VOTO Heart serves to remind men of the strength of faith to men who may have lost it.
Since ancient times, after receiving a “grace”, it was customary to ask the best craftsman in the city to build an object to offer to a Saint, for the grace received. This artefact took the name of «ex voto» and must have had significant characteristics from an aesthetic point of view, since it represented a public or private gesture towards a Catholic saint who, having been prayed to or evoked, had interceded with the municipality mortal, saving him from certain death.
Being a religious sentiment, the ex-voto offered is a true and proper prayer of servile veneration based on the need to offer God, the Madonna, a Saint a gift equivalent to a prayer materialized in an artifact.