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Ring Madonna of the Knots


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    In order to use the warranty, you will have to report any defects found in the jewels by contacting us via phone or mail within and no later than 2 months from the purchase.

    Excluded from this warranty are all damages due to carelessness, accident, improperuse or any repairs, alterations and/or modifications not authorized by ELENA BRACCINI JEWELRY.

    We certify that this jewel is made of 925 silver produced and packaged in Italy. Our production is to be considered a sign of uniqueness.

    To keep your jewel in best conditions and in order to preserve the brightness, its recommended to avoid direct contact with heat, lotions, perfumes or sweat.

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Each medal is a unique piece.
Each jewel is built around the medal of the “Madonna dei Nodi”.
We all have knots in our hearts and go through difficulties. Our good Father, who distributes grace to all his children, wants us to trust her, to entrust her with the knots of our evils, which prevent us from uniting with God, so that she may untie them and bring us closer to her son. Jesus. This is the meaning of the image».
The word “knots” means all those problems that we often bring over the years and that we don’t know how to solve; all those sins that chain us and prevent us from welcoming God into our lives and from throwing ourselves into his arms like children: the knots of family quarrels, of misunderstanding between parents and children, of lack of respect, of violence; the nodes of resentment between spouses, the lack of peace and joy in the family; knots of anguish; the knots of despair of the spouses who separate, the knots of the dissolution of families; the pain caused by a child who takes drugs, who is sick, who has left home or who has distanced himself from God; the knots of alcoholism, of our vices and the vices of those we love, the knots of wounds caused to others; the knots of resentment that torments us painfully, the knots of the feeling of guilt, of abortion, of incurable diseases, of depression, of unemployment, of fears, of loneliness… knots of disbelief, of pride, of the sins of our lives.
The Virgin Mary wants all of this to stop. Today she comes to meet us, because we offer her these knots and she will untie them one after the other.
The medal can be covered with a colored enamel chosen by the customer, to keep it intact over time.
The necklace can be made in different materials: 925 silver, 925 gilded silver, 925 rose gilded silver and 18k gold and 18k rose gold.
On request, precious stones and personalizations can be added.