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Sassolino Necklace


Sassolino Necklace in 925 sterling silver, available in various colors. The Holy Pebble symbolizes divine strength, invoking the figure of Archangel Michael.

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    In order to use the warranty, you will have to report any defects found in the jewels by contacting us via phone or mail within and no later than 2 months from the purchase.

    Excluded from this warranty are all damages due to carelessness, accident, improperuse or any repairs, alterations and/or modifications not authorized by ELENA BRACCINI JEWELRY.

    We certify that this jewel is made of 925 silver produced and packaged in Italy. Our production is to be considered a sign of uniqueness.

    To keep your jewel in best conditions and in order to preserve the brightness, its recommended to avoid direct contact with heat, lotions, perfumes or sweat.

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The Sassolino Necklace holds a small treasure: a sacred pebble from the cave of Mount Gargano, the place where Archangel Michael appeared and touched the ground. The sanctuary, blessed by a celestial being, is the only one where human hands have not intervened.

Engraved on the back of the pendant is the powerful message “quis ut deus,” which means ‘Who is like God.’ This expression emphasizes the power comparable to the divine of Archangel Michael, the prince of the heavenly militia. Wearing this pendant is a tribute to the protection and strength that this sacred pebble symbolizes, invoking the presence and guidance of St. Michael in significant moments of life.

We craft our jewelry with care and artistry in a historic goldsmith’s workshop located in the heart of Florence. Our products may vary slightly from one another.

Thanks to the purchase of the Holy Sassolino, you have contributed a portion of the proceeds to the Tommasino Bacciotti Foundation, which since 2000 has the mission of assisting families with children hospitalized at the Meyer Pediatric Hospital by providing support to the families of long-term patients and funding scholarships for medical-scientific research and projects.

With the purchase of this jewel, you will receive the certificate of authenticity for the relic.

Jewelry care

A unique piece of jewelry, masterfully crafted by our artisans. To maintain its brilliance over time, we recommend treating it with love and care. Avoid contact with sunscreen, perfumes, oils, and thermal vapors, and remove it before showering or engaging in physical activities. You can preserve the beauty of your jewelry by periodically cleaning it with specialized silver and gold polishing cloths, keeping it away from moisture and direct sunlight.